Many players want to know – does airsoft hurt? Well, it does hurt sometimes. This is because various factors come into play. Such as game scenario and location, your gear, your opponents’ gear, your protection, like airsoft glasses, face protection, and so on.

Does Airsoft Hurt?

As we highlighted the fact that airsoft guns can hurt some. In reality, the type and intensity of the injury depend on several factors. So, for your ease, we have briefly explained all those factors:

The FPS Rate

The FPS (Feet Per Second) rate of any airsoft replica is one of its key features. Therefore, many users prefer buying airsoft guns with a good FPS rate (300-400 FPS). Now, guns that have good feet per second rate can hurt you a bit.

Again, the intensity of injury would depend on other factors. For instance, the distance the BB is fired (more on to it later) is also crucial. So, if your opponent has an airsoft gun with an FPS range of around 300 to 400, you must be careful while playing with him.

The Distance

The distance from which a BB is fired is also very important to determine the type and intensity of the airsoft injury. A distance of 50 feet or less can be painful. Again, the FPS rating of a gun will also matter here.

So, let’s make things simple. If a gun with a 350FPS rating fires a BB from a distance of around 50 feet, you may experience pain.

Does Paintball Hurt More Than Airsoft?

The straight answer to this question is that paintball hurts more than an Airsoft Gun. This is because a paintball has more weight to it. On the other hand, BBs fired through an airsoft gun are lightweight compared to paintballs. Hence, their impact is less painful.

What Are Most Common Airsoft Injuries?

Now, when you know, how much does airsoft hurt? It’s time to find out some common airsoft injuries. But before we start, here is good news for airsoft enthusiasts.
Airsoft Injuries are not at all deadly. All of them are healable. So even if a BB gets you injured, you can recover quickly.

Sounds Good? So, let us now highlight some of the common airsoft Injuries.

Eye Injury

The human eye is one sensitive part of the body. Therefore, you must wear proper safety gear for sports such as airsoft battles. You would be surprised, but this is a fact that eye injury is one of the most common airsoft injuries.

This is an essential thing to note, especially for beginners. If you are just adopting this hobby, pay equal attention to buying some quality safety gear equipment. That’s the only way to avoid such serious injuries.

Skin Injuries

On an airsoft battlefield, skin injuries are also quite common in an airsoft battlefield. When the BB hits the skin, it can cause various skin injuries. Further, if the BB hits from a close distance, it can break the skin easily.

So, once again, it’s the protective gear that saves your skin here. Therefore, it is essential to wear protective equipment to avoid such injuries.

How to Protect Yourself When Playing Airsoft?

Now, let us discuss how one can protect himself while playing airsoft. There are several safety measures in this regard. However, we have listed the most effective ones. Let’s take a look at them.

Buy Good Safety Gear

We cannot stress more this – Right Safety Gear Is the Key To Remain Safe In Any Airsoft Battle. Yes, that’s something we have been stressing out since the start of this article. Skipping out on safety gear is not a wise idea, no matter where you are playing or your opponent.

Now, there are several types of safety equipment that you can wear. So, for your ease, we have discussed each component separately.

Safety Helmet

Head protection is essential for every airsoft player. So, it is best to invest in some quality safety helmets. There are dedicated helmets available for airsoft lovers. These helmets offer good protection and help you focus more on the game than your head’s protection.


You should not forget to protect your eyes before any competition. In this regard, you can consider going with some safety Goggles. So, when you play with safety goggles on, you will feel more confident, given the fact that eye injuries are becoming more common among airsoft lovers. Using safety Goggles is highly recommended for both beginners and experienced players.


You may think that the chances of a BB hitting your hands are minimal. But still, it is better to start an airsoft battle with safety gloves. This is because you never know when a BB hits your hand and makes it uneasy for you to continue the fight.

Knee And Elbow Guards

Knee protection is very important. Similarly, you should also not forget to invest in a pair of elbow guards. This is because, soon, you may be participating in an airsoft battle that is set in an outdoor location.

So, there might be various hurdles on the actual battlefield. So, knee and elbow guards will help you protect your knees and elbows, respectively. Further, you can make some quick moves on the ground as your elbows and knees will be protected.

Safety Boots

Buy a pair of safety boots for an airsoft Battle. Your feet also need some protection. Also, quality safety boots protect the feet and give you that much-needed comfort. Go with a safety boot that offers the following benefits:

  • Offers Good Traction
  • Has comfortable Insoles
  • Weatherproof to a reasonable extent

Final Thoughts

Now, you know how much airsoft hurts and what you can do about it. But, in reality, wearing the right safety gear can help you save yourself from various airsoft injuries.

So, airsoft is definitely a good sport. But injuries and hurdles are part of every sports game. So, this one is nothing exceptional.


Is playing airsoft painful?

It can be, but nothing serious. It depends on your level of preparations – what safety gear you have on you, the location of the games (indoors vs. outdoors), limitations on an airsoft replica on the field, and so on.

Is paintball more painful than airsoft?

Yes, you use heavier and larger ammunition in paintball, so when it hits you, it hurts more.

What should I wear for my first airsoft game?

The essentials are airsoft goggles, a face mask, and gloves. In addition, it’s good to wear something with long sleeves to protect your arms and legs, a light scarf to wrap around your neck, and durable boots (best with ankle and fingertip protection).

What happens if you get hit in airsoft?

You call out – “Hit!” raise your arm and get to your respawn point or home base. But for different game scenarios, there can be different rules, so you need to listen to what your game instructors say in their pre-game instructions.

How long is a game of airsoft?

Most often, a game will last for 60 minutes. But in various milsim events or skirmishes, that can be way more.