Understanding FPS and Its Importance

So, what’s fps in airsoft? FPS stands for feet per second. This is a measure of the velocity of your airsoft’s BBs. The more powerful the airsoft rifle, the higher the FPS. The FPS determines the performance of the rifle, and that is why you must be familiar with the FPS meaning before buying your next airsoft gun.  

What counts as low, medium, and high fps airsoft?

FPS normally ranges from as low as 100 to 600. The FPS of the fired projectiles starts to reduce the moment it leaves the muzzle. Low-power airsoft guns have an FPS of 200. The velocity of medium-power rifles stands at 300. High FPS airsoft guns shoot out projectiles at speeds of over 400. To get a clear picture of the FPS, a BB traveling at 145 FPS is at the same speed as a car going at 100 miles per hour. 

Low Powered Guns

Guns with BBs weighing 0.25 grams and an FPS of 250 to 350 are classified as low-powered guns. These airsoft guns are ideal for close-quarters combat. 

Mid to High Powered Guns 

Mid to high-powered guns have firing speeds ranging between 350 to 600. These guns are popular with open-field events. Usually, higher FPS guns are sniper rifles – they need a higher power to shoot heavier BBs’. One of the downsides of having higher firepower is losing the firing rate – sniper rifles sacrifice firing rate in order to gain more power. 

Why higher FPS means better accuracy, speed, range

There are several aspects that can influence the accuracy and range of your airsoft replica. A hop up unit is a small bump at the end of the barrel that spins the BB backward, thus providing an uplift from the incoming air resistance. A hop up adjustment is a screw that you can tighten or loosen to move the bucking higher or lower in the barrel. That controls how much of the BBs surface it will catch and how much of a spin the BB will receive. A hop-up is most often made of rubber, but other materials are also used.

Aside from a hop up, which puts a backspin on the BB leaving the barrel of your airsoft replica, there’s also the power of your airsoft gun. It is provided by the battery and measured in feet per second. FPS impacts the accuracy, speed, and range of your BBs.

The BBs’ weight also influences the rifle’s performance. The standard weight of the pellets starts from 0.20 grams. A typical BB has a diameter of around 6mm. The heavier the BB, the more energy is required to propel the projectile, therefore the higher the FPS. 

Heavier BBs are more accurate. They have a steady trajectory. They also have a superior range. For consistent firing performance, you must take great care of your guns. A properly sealed and maintained rifle is more accurate and has greater ranges. 

Minimum Engagement Distance (MED)

airsoft player on an airsoft field

MED is a safety protocol designed to protect airsoft players from needless injuries. This unwritten rule prohibits players with powerful guns from shooting within close proximities. This rule dictates that low to mid-powered guns be used for close-quarters battles and high-powered guns be used on the vast outdoors.   

FPS Restrictions 

It’s important to be aware of the legal limitations for airsoft BBs in your country. FPS limitations are meant to prevent injuries. Avoid the extremely lightweight BBs. These BBs tend to explode inside the airsoft rifles causing irreversible damage. 

What is a good FPS range? How far can it shoot the BBs and their accuracy? 

The airsoft feet per second or FPS is measured accurately with a device called a chronograph. The device resembles the traffic speed guns placed on highways. These gadgets are readily available online and at specialty airsoft stores. 

How accurate will a BB be at 300 fps?

A projectile fired at 300 FPS has pinpoint accuracy and range. BB gun FPS of 300 is ideal for close-quarters battles where the opponents are at least 25 feet apart. 

To Sum it Up 

Research on the FPS of the airsoft guns before making a purchase. The FPS determines the accuracy, range, and overall performance of your airsoft rifles. Choose guns with a median FPS for reliable performances. It’s in your best interests to examine the FPS limitations in your country. If you get caught with BBs with an FPS exceeding the legal limits, you face prosecution and other fines.