No quote could be further from the truth for safety kills in airsoft.  Misunderstandings regarding safety kills often result in hot tempers, injuries from point-blank firing, and more drama on airsoft websites than any one in their right mind wants to deal with.  In this airsoft article, we’ll discuss what a safety kill is, what it isn’t, it’s pro’s and con’s, when to use it, and when to use your head.

What Is a Safety Kill in Airsoft?

In airsoft, a safety kill is an act of catching someone DEAD TO RIGHTS at a range where firing upon them would inflict up the airsoft player unreasonable pain and possible injury.  Before we go any further, we need to discuss the term DEAD TO RIGHTS.  Dead to rights means that at the moment you happen upon them, IF you pulled the trigger of your airsoft gun, they’d be dead.  PULLED THE TRIGGER.  This needs to be a surprise move.  This is not something to use when you’re head to head with someone.  Do that, and you’ll likely get shot.    Dead to rights means you have the opposing airsoft player COMPLETELY at your mercy.  They have no idea you’re there, and you’re so close there’s no way you’d miss.

Do Safety Kills HAVE to be Accepted?

The short answer is No.   Safety Kills do not have to be accepted.   That said, if the person really does have you dead to rights, you can almost certainly expect to get shot point-blank in the back with a gun shooting 400 FPS with .25 gram airsoft bbs if the airsoft field allows it.  This is a game of honor.  If you know, there’s absolutely no way they’ve got you, feel free to take your chances. However, if someone has you better, and it’s a total shock and surprise to you that they were even there, do the right thing and respectfully accept the courtesy that they were kind enough to bestow upon you.  And it is a courtesy.

What a Safety Kill is NOT in Airsoft

  • A safety kill is not something you yell from 40 feet away when you see someone because your gun is out of ammo.  There are local videos of this misuse occurring.
  • A safety kill is not something you yell at someone on the opposite side of the wall.
  • A safety kill is not something that you yell at a guy just around the corner from you that knows full well you’re there.  If you want to kill that guy safely, get behind him.
  • A safety kill is not something you yell without having your gun aimed (you’re eyes down the sites) and finger on the trigger ready to fire.  Blind Fire rules apply just the same to safety kills as they do any other.  You can not simply stick your arm up and into a window and call safety kill while you duck below.

Pro’s of Safety Kills

  • Safety.  You can’t get injured if you don’t get shot.
  • A total ego boost for the sneaky S.O.B. airsoft player that pulls it off.
  • Courtesy. Giving Safety Kills shows that you value and respect your opposing teammates.
  • Good Sportsmanship.

Con’s of Safety Kills

  • Doing it improperly causes arguments.
  • People not accepting them causes arguments and frustration.
  • It can startle inexperienced players resulting in a dangerous full auto magazine dump at close range.
  • The other guy shooting at you instead.
  • See the picture below for a reminder of what is at stake.

Precautions to Take When Attempting a Safety Kill

  • Unless you have your skin completely covered with protective clothing and gear, avoid areas of the airsoft fields where close skirmishes occur.
  • Switch to airsoft pistols, just in case.  The Lower FPS of MOST airsoft pistols using green gas or Electric Airsoft Pistols (AEP’s) can help prevent serious injuries should you be forced to fire.
  • Finger on the trigger and ready to dispatch the opponent.  If you don’t see their shoulders sulk in disappointment, acceptance, and submission within 3 seconds, fire a shot in the safest part of their body that you can.  Tactical gear offers enough padding to prevent injuries.
  • Be careful with inexperienced players.  If you know, they’re new, and there’s a 95% chance they’ll turn around and unload the entire magazine into you in a moment of panic. Plan accordingly.
  • If possible, reach out and touch their shoulder and tell them they’re dead.  Some airsoft fields have No Physical Contact rules.  Always listen to the briefing at the beginning of the day for specific field rules.