How to get into airsoft

Airsoft is an adrenaline-packed tactical game where players reenact battle scenes. Airsoft players are armed with a plethora of weapons including pistols, rifles, and even grenades. Getting into airsoft, you’re required to dress like a soldier. That makes the game realistic. You’re expected to rock goggles and other protective gear to cushion you from the impact of the projectiles. The game takes place either in close quarters battle (CQB) or in open fields. 

Airsoft is not a game for the fainthearted. Be sure you’ll come up with bruises and sores after playing a few rounds. The impact of the BBs can be quite painful, especially if you get hit by an uncovered body part such as the neck. 

Therefore, if you want to get into this sport, you better be passionate about it. Passion keeps you going even after you’ve suffered minor injuries and endless losses. To make it more interesting, you’ll need to pair up with others who are also into simple airsoft. Then, you’ll require to make a substantial investment towards purchasing the necessary gear. These include the right airsoft rifles, ammunition, safety gear, and common airsoft accessories such as tripod mounts for sniper rifles. 

How to get into airsoft

Why play it?

There are many reasons why people like to play this game. The main reason, at least, in my opinion, is the chance to get to play a military simulation game that resembles the real deal but isn’t an actual war situation. I love the look of the players – all geared up. The replicas that look just like a real gun, and the seriousness of the players. Good airsoft community will call their hits, when shot, help one another and will get your blood pumping.

A day at an airsoft field will exhaust you, but in a good way, so when you’re ready to go home you’ll have some great memories, and moments from the battle to boast about.

Builds Confidence

Airsoft is a grueling endeavor that pushes players to the limits. These simulation games build confidence and self-esteem. Corporate clients are always encouraging their employees to take on this sport. Employees learn how to collaborate. If that collaboration on the field extends to the office space, then there’s an upped productivity. 

Increases Health 

The intense physical activities leave you drenched in sweat and that works wonders for your health and overall wellness. The activity strengthens your communication skills as well. After a couple of weeks playing airsoft, an erstwhile introverted person starts to open up to the world. 

 Brings People Together

Playing airsoft is always a memorable experience. It’s quite rare for someone you rescued from imminent death to forget the favor. This game brings together people of all ages and backgrounds. Make it your family or office culture to always play airsoft and you’ll be astonished at the lifelong bonds you’ll be creating. 

Basic gear – clothing, protective gear like goggles and face masks

Basic gear - clothing, protective gear like goggles and face masks

You have to put on the right gear to be allowed to play airsoft. The most important body parts you’re protecting are the eyes, ears, and face area. 

For assured safety, always ensure you go for the tested and proven safety glasses. Although these glasses might be somewhat bothersome to play with, don’t give in to the temptation of removing them. You never know, the next BB could be headed straight to your eyes. Choose comfortable ear protection to prevent the 6mm BBs from going in and to cushion the outer ear from painful blows. 

There’s also groin protection gear you can order. This gear protects your tender areas from excruciating blows. Groin protection is highly recommended for both sexes. 

Typical airsoft sessions may last for hours on end. It’s in your best interests to put on sunscreen to protect your skin from sunburns. 

Regardless of your preferred gaming venue, you’ll always need to have a first aid kit around. Your kit ought to include items such as painkillers and bandages.  

You need leather gloves to cover your hands. You need a quality rifle bag with a strong sling to hold and transport the guns. Additionally, you require a helmet to protect you from painful headshots. Kneepads come in handy when you’re crawling through the various levels of the game. Having a tactical vest makes for a safe airsoft gaming experience. The sturdy vest protects your center mass from impacts. The protective vest doubles up as an extra load carrier where you can stash any extra mags, drinking water, communication equipment, or even the pistol. Some gear, for instance, balaclavas are purely aesthetic, however. Masks only enhance the realism of the game.  

Beginner guns – AEG’s and pistols

As an airsoft beginner, it’s quite easy to get confused by the huge variety of guns up for grabs. Once you’re familiar with the specs, features, merits, and demerits associated with the popular guns, the selection process is rather straightforward.  

Here’s some excellent advice to ensure you land an affordable, comfortable and reliable gun the first time around. Here are some of the best beginner airsoft guns to order when you’re starting. These guns are affordable, durable, and most importantly, easy to use and maintain. 

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Best beginner
Colt Licensed Full Metal M4A1 Carbine

With a price tag of less than $200, the M4A1 is the perfect gun for airsoft newbies. The M4 packs impressive firepower of 400 FPS. The beginner rifle comes with a battery charger and a high cap magazine capable of holding up to 300 rounds. 

Best upgradeability
G&G CM16 SRXL Combat Machine

The CM16 SRXL is a rather expensive model. That notwithstanding, the G&G gun comes endowed with several impressive upgrade features. This gun’s performance is unrivaled. It has an FPS of 400 and boasts an excellent range and accuracy. The gun has a polymer reinforced exterior that makes it an ideal weapon for clumsy beginners.

Top performance

This pricey model delivers unparalleled performance for mid-range engagements. The RM4 is ideal for newbies because of its easy electric recoil. It also boasts of an ergonomic design complimented by reinforced polymer for enhanced durability. The piece comes with enticing upgrades such as the Lithium polymer battery for a seamless gaming experience. 


How to find a team

How to find a team

Airsoft is best experienced when playing as a group. The more the team members the merrier. It’s quite easy to start an airsoft team to play alongside. You can opt to recruit your neighbors, colleagues, or even family members to partake in this fun game. Sit down with the recruits to come up with the best name for your team. To create the best team, you guys will need to exercise your maneuvers and strategies in preparation for opponents.  

Alternatively, you can go online and look for social media groups that share the interest. It is at these social media groups and forums that you get to learn the popular gaming venues for airsoft lovers in your locale. Once you find the right team, you need to familiarize yourself with their culture. For instance, you’ll need to buy matching uniforms.   

How to choose a mil-sim

Mil-Sim is the short form of military simulation. MilSim is without a doubt, the most popular airsoft version. MilSim bears striking resemblance to the airsoft spin-off called Team Deathmatch. The latter game involves 3 to 4 teams pitted against each other. The climax of this fast-paced game reaches once a player makes a 3 hit kill. 

Capture-the-flag is, however, is more realistic and tactical than Team Deathmatch. The competing teams start at different ends. When the airhorn signal blasts and the red flag gets hoisted, the teams begin to advance on one another. The objective of the game is for the airsoft players to make their way to the headquarters of the opposing teams undetected. The winning team is the one that captures the opponents’ flag.  

Final Thoughts 

Venture into the airsoft realm today to experience a whole new world of possibilities. This game, despite not being as popular as paintball, makes for the perfect weekend outing with friends, colleagues, or family members. Provided you have the right protective airsoft basics and the willpower to better your opponents, getting started in airsoft is as easy as ABC.