3 Simple Yet Powerful Home Made Airsoft Grenades 

Usually, airsoft players go to their local convenience stores to replenish their ammo supplies. The problem with store-bought airsoft ammunition like grenades is that they end up being costly in the long run. These costs end up limiting your airsoft gaming experiences and decrease your budget for airsoft rifle upgrades, BB replenishment, and game field fees. Grenades are a lot of fun, and this is something you can make yourself – saving on your spending. 

This guide teaches you how to make powerful homemade airsoft grenades. Read on to learn how to make three different types of homemade airsoft grenades: A flash fire grenade, a water grenade, and reusable airsoft grenades. 

Flash Grenade 

The easiest airsoft grenade you can make at home is the flash fire grenade. To assemble it, you’ll need a matchbox, a wooden plank, and a pin.  


  • Find a matchbox with graphite coated wooden sticks
  • Cut the wooden sticks near the tips
  • Line up the match tips and glue them together using a wooden plank
  • Smear the match stick tips with adhesive glues
  • Add a layer of matchsticks glued together
  • Take a plastic cap and make double v-shaped incisions 
  • Cut off the scratch parts of your matchbox and glue them together with a metallic strip
  • Place the double-layered matchsticks to the plastic cap 
  • Insert the scratch parts between the glued matchstick tips
  • Attach a firecracker to the glued matchstick tips
  • Place the materials in a plastic casing and attach a detonator pin

Water Grenade 

This simple airsoft grenade packs in a powerful punch. Here’s how you make it. 

Materials needed 

  • An Easter egg
  • A weight 
  • A spring 
  • A rubber band 


How it works 

The Easter eggs are filled with water. These eggs contain a weight and a spring that detonate splashing water at high velocities.

Assembling the grenade

  • Take the spring and the weight and place them inside the Easter eggs
  • Fill it with its water and stabilize the grenade by wrapping it with a rubber band
  • To use it, remove the pin and launch it at a target 

A reusable impact sound grenade 

The reusable impact sound grenade is without a doubt, one of the most complicated types of airsoft grenade to make. 

This grenade comprises metallic parts that require drilling, soldering, and filing to work. Here is a video on how you go about assembling this type of grenade. 

Best budget airsoft grenades

If you’re in a rush and can’t be asked to assemble your DIY airsoft grenade, we highly recommend you check out the following cheap airsoft grenades

  1. The SportPro 4 CNC Rounded Alluminium CO2 Grenade

sportpro 4 co2 grenades


The CO2-powered SportPro 4 is an excellent choice for its long-range and spread. The four-round capacity airsoft grenade is remarkably durable and powerful. 

  1. The SportPro 120 AlluminiumAirsoft Grenade

SportPro 120 Round CNC Aluminum BB Shower for Airsoft

This CNC aluminum-covered grenade has a 120 round capacity. It’s powered by CO2 and comes with a fantastic spread and excellent range. 

  1. The SportPro 210 Spring Airsoft Grenade

SportPro 210 Round Spring Powered BB Impact Shower for Airsoft

This best-selling airsoft grenade comes in a sturdy polymer exterior. It has a 210 round capacity and it’s spring-powered. It has an impressive range and spread. 

Final Thoughts

As you’ve seen, it’s quite easy for you to construct an effective DIY airsoft grenade at home. Using readily available and cheap materials, you can make a powerful grenade to rival those sold at the local convenience stores. Making homemadeairsoft grenades is a fun process that also allows you to save hundreds of dollars.