Find out why having a scope on your airsoft rifle or sniper can give you a massive advantage on the field. And once you’ve learned that, we’ll give you our top 7 best airsoft scopes so that you can choose a scope that will suit your needs the best.

Best overall
Evike Matrix 3-9x40 Dual Illuminated Rifle Scope w/Scope Rings

Evike Matrix 3-9x40 Dual Illuminated Rifle Scope w/Scope Rings

We suggest going for this scope if you prefer sniper rifles instead of smaller ones. It is effortless to mount and use. And it is of great quality and made from aluminum. It’ll serve you on your 100th sim as it did on your 1st. You won’t regret buying this one!

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AXEON Axeon Optics Prism 3X Dot Sight

AXEON Axeon Optics Prism 3X Dot Sight

Fixed power prism optics are popular for various reasons, the most important of which is that they are durable, straightforward designs that work.

The main advantage of employing an etched reticle is that no light is required to operate it. The elevation and windage turrets are capped and anchored to the body, and flip-up lens coverings are supplied. Amazing buy!

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Best for various scenarios
Valken Scope 1-4x20 w/Mount Mil-Dot Reticle

Valken Scope 1-4x20 w/Mount Mil-Dot Reticle

Great for versatile situations and has a huge field of view. It is also water and fog-proof. This is an ideal compact scope for an airsoft rifle. The dot scope is stable while making rapid movements and will give you more confidence in taking your winning shot.

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Best for long-range
Vortex Optics Diamondback 1.75-5x32 Second Focal Plane Riflescope - Dead-Hold BDC Reticle (MOA)

Vortex Optics Diamondback 1.75-5x32 Second Focal Plane Riflescope - Dead-Hold BDC Reticle (MOA)

A classic sniper scope. If you are into longer-range shooting, camping in a bush, or simply enjoying being an airsoft ninja that instills fear into your opponents' souls, this scope is a great choice.

This scope feels like you have the real deal. And if you ever wanted to know what it feels like to be a sniper, then I highly suggest going for this scope; you will not regret it.

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Best for dark(ish) environment
UTG Accushot 3-12X44 30mm

UTG Accushot 3-12X44 30mm

The price point might be high, but so is the scope quality. I like how it feels during an event and how reliable it can be if handled correctly. If you go with the mounts that come with the product, consider carrying a small screwdriver to adjust your zero.

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Best tactical scope
VISM by NcStar Mark III Tactical Gen3 3-9x40

VISM by NcStar Mark III Tactical Gen3 3-9x40

The NcStar Mark III Tactical Scope is a Gen3 futuristic-looking rifle scope that you can use on your airsoft rifle. It is reliable and compact, making it ideal for close-to-mid-range, fast-paced encounters.

If you expect to be moving a lot, I recommend going for this one, as it will make you a cool-looking badass at the event and take your aiming prowess to the next level.

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Best for beginners
NC Star SRT Scope 3-9x40mm Mil-Dot Reticle with Green Laser

NC Star SRT Scope 3-9x40mm Mil-Dot Reticle with Green Laser

Because of the included micro red dot and mount, their scope is ideal for beginners trying to test out add-ons and tech to enhance their airsoft experience. Having a dot vs. having a scope are two different things used for different purposes.

So, for a great price, you receive both, and with both being great quality products – you cannot go wrong with them. Even if you don't use it in the long run, you'll always have a great backup and a micro red dot for other scopes.

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Best airsoft scopes reviewed

Best overall
Evike Matrix 3-9x40 Dual Illuminated Rifle Scope w/Scope Rings

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned airsoft player, you are likely striving for that real-world feel regarding the equipment you're using. Unfortunately, it can be a night vs. day difference between having a scope vs. not having one. 

The Matrix 3-9x40 rifle scope is a true sniper rifle scope, and that is its only use. There is little room for versatility here. It comes in black and tan – so depending on your camo, you might prefer one. They are prevalent, so don't be surprised to find them out of stock very often – so if you want to buy this one, I suggest you buy it as soon as you see it being in stock because it will not be in stock for long.

This product comes with a scope cover on both ends and a sunshade. In addition, they come with two scope rings, so when you buy this product, you don't have to invest anything extra to mount it successfully.

They have a very nice eye relief and are easily adjustable. It also comes with a highly easy-to-use zoom that perfectly matches the distances a non-modded airsoft sniper would have. It also has a great-quality focus ring.

  • Easy to mount and easy to use
  • The scope comes with everything you need 
  • Made from aluminum, very high quality
  • Low price for a great quality scope
  • If you drop or damage the lens, it is rendered useless unless fixed, which can be difficult and expensive.
AXEON Axeon Optics Prism 3X Dot Sight

Axeon has produced an x3 magnification scope that extends its effective range. It is ideal for tactical shooting and can be used for sniper rifles and regular rifle replicas. I think these compact designs better suit smaller rifle replicas than long batter rifles such as a sniper replica.

This scope has a very compact design and is an excellent add-on to any sporting airsoft replicas.

You have both red and green illumination, and you can adjust brightness levels from 0 to 5. 

It works without a battery which is a huge plus. If you decide to go full Rambo, it has three Picatinny rails for additional accessories like lights or lasers. So you can cosplay as the predator and have three lasers pointing at your prey before you shoot them down. Nice!

It comes with flip-up covers on both sides. Great for keeping dust at bay and for protection against lens damage.

The Axeon Optics Prism scope has a 3.1-inch eye relief which is very good for close quarters should you find yourself in a tight space.

  • It can be used without a battery
  • Extremely well made
  • Offers further customization via add-ons
  • On the pricier side
Best for various scenarios
Valken Scope 1-4x20 w/Mount Mil-Dot Reticle

This is a short dot-type reticle. It is a very cool and swaggy design. The Valken 1-4x20 scope is functional because you have both long-range and a quick adjustable close-range sighting setup.

It is made to be mounted on a Picatinny rail. 

The 1x up to a 3x airsoft scope n is excellent for long-range encounters. But you have to make sure to adjust your hop-up depending on your shooting preference.

If you expect close encounters, such as an indoor setup, we suggest you adjust the hop up to x1 and up to x2 magnification. You get the common red/green illumination with 5-level settings.

The windage and elevation are easily adjustable by unscrewing the top and the right-size caps. To make a fine adjustment, use your hand until it clicks into place (1 click equals half an inch). For making gross adjustments, I suggest using a Phillips screwdriver. Once you adjust them, put them back and enjoy!

  • It can be easily fine-adjusted using your fingers; no tools are needed
  • Cool and modern design
  • Up to x4 zoom
  • It is a bit pricey
  • It doesn't have extra add-on options
Best for long-range
Vortex Optics Diamondback 1.75-5x32 Second Focal Plane Riflescope - Dead-Hold BDC Reticle (MOA)

If I asked you to imagine a classical sniper scope, you would imagine something similar, if not identical, to the Vortex Diamondback riflescope. With a classical cross-hair and from x2 to x7 magnification, you are bound to hit your target with precision.

It may come off as simplistic at first, but that is not necessarily bad, nor is it exactly true. 

The eye relief this rifle has is superb. You can put your check on the back of the rifle and still see your target with perfect clarity. You don't have to worry about getting injured if you have any recoil mods or are using this scope on a real rifle. It is the biggest eye relief I've seen on an airsoft rifle scope.

If you ramp up the magnification to about x6, the eye box becomes challenging. It is even worse at x7 magnification.

When zeroing the scope, you'll need a flathead screwdriver, a Swiss pocketknife, or something similar to adjust the windage and elevation.

It is also nice to know that it is shock-proof, fog-proof, and waterproof. So, you are covered on all fronts.

  • Classical sniper scope look and feel
  • Very easy to use
  • Superb eye relief
  • Premium price point
  • Cannot zero without tools
  • At higher magnification becomes a bit harder to use
Best for dark(ish) environment
UTG Accushot 3-12X44 30mm

Another sniper rifle scope is on our list. This one looks like a sniper scope but is smaller, so it is easily usable on a more compact airsoft rifle replica.

The UTG 3-12 Accushot has emerald-coated lenses. This way, they ensure you get as much light as possible to get a clear and sharp picture of whatever you are trying to look at.

X3 to x12 magnification is very impressive. X12 might be a bit too much when it comes to Airsoft if you ask me, but what the heck – it feels good!

You adjust your hop-up to account for the longest range you can achieve with your airsoft rifle, lock onto your target, and a pew-pew for some extra points. It also has a scientific-looking reticle system that will make your aim more satisfying.

The mounts that come with this scope are not worthy of this scope. If you drop your rifle or mistreat it, you will lose zero. And during battle, that can cause some unwanted headaches. You should consider investing in better mounts that UTG offers.

You get about 3 to 3.5 inches of eye relief, depending on the magnification you're currently using. The eye box is rough at higher magnifications, but it is still better than on other models. And considering this magnification goes up to x12, it isn't that bad, come to think of it.


  • Depending on your preference, it can be used as a sniper and rifle scope
  • A very sharp, bright, and clear vision of the target
  • Higher price
  • With the out-of-the-box mounts, you might lose zero if you drop the gun.
Best tactical scope
VISM by NcStar Mark III Tactical Gen3 3-9x40

Here we are looking at a Gen3 tactical scope, meaning that you enjoy all the excellent features you get with a Gen1 and Gen 2 scope, but with many improvements.

The first thing they did with the NcStar Mark III Tactical Scope was to get away from the disc CR2032 battery, and a single AA battery is now powering the scope. This is much more efficient and more economical as well. Not to mention practicality because you can find an AA battery in any local store.

You have a large magnification ring. This is an often-overlooked feature as it makes adjusting the magnification super easy when wearing gloves. If you've ever tried adjusting it with gloves on a standard-sized ring, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

You'll have a quick lock release, like locking a bike seat. Very handy for mounting and dismounting the scope quickly.

On the left side, you'll find the electronic control panel with three buttons for illumination, blue/red color change, and turning it on and off.

At the top, you already have a mounting place for a microdot prepared, should you choose to upgrade your scope at any point in the future.

It also comes in two colors: black and tan.

  • Easy to mount and easy to use
  • The scope comes with everything you need 
  • Made from aluminum, very high quality
  • Not a budget option
  • The electronics might get damaged if you handle it roughly or if it falls hard
Best for beginners
NC Star SRT Scope 3-9x40mm Mil-Dot Reticle with Green Laser

This is a small scope, ideal for smaller to medium size airsoft replicas. Short-range encounters are preferred when using this one. While it has a magnification setting up to x9, the exe box becomes quite bad at that point.

It is ideal for close to mid-range encounters, like in woods or indoors.

You get the micro red dot attachment included with the product, along with the required mount. This is also super handy for getting that extra bit of accuracy when using a scope is not an option. 

Once you zero your airsoft rifle for the scope, it will automatically be zeroed for the red dot because of its ideal positioning.

It also has an illumination setting and uses a CR2032 battery as a power source.

  • Micro red dot and dot mount are included with the scope!
  • Great price if you wanted to get a micro red dot
  • Well made, has good quality and has a well-balanced scope.
  • The maximum magnification is a bit awkward to use
  • Pricey if you don’t need the micro red dot


Here I’ve made an easy-to-read list so that you can compare all reviewed airsoft scopes in different categories. This might further help you pick the right scope for you.

Also, consider reading the buyer’s guide below, where I’ll share my opinion on what to look for when buying a scope for your airsoft rifle.

Specification comparison for airsoft scopes


When discussing the best airsoft scope, you have to think of what you consider best. If you’re a ‘hide and snipe’ type of player, then your ‘best’ will be vastly different than mine since I’m more of a skirmisher than a camper.

After you’ve made your mind up on which roles you to take on the battlefield then, you have various factors that will help you make the best possible choice, such as:

  • Budget
  • Mounts
  • Magnification
  • Eye Relief

There are more factors to consider, and I’ll cover all the steps you should take to determine which airsoft scope is best for you!


If you’ve ever tried shooting something at a distance with a rifle, you know how hard it is, even at short distances. Things like handshaking, breathing, heavy trigger, etc., all affect your aim. And the greater the distance, the more effective those factors have in preventing you from hitting your target.

And while you might train and work on those issues, you can’t make the target bigger, regardless of how many hours you’ve put into practice.

The only way to make your target bigger is with a scope.


A sniper rifle is not a sniper without a scope. Without it, it is just a long-range rifle.

Have you ever taken high ground inside a bush and wanted to camp and take out targets from a distance without being seen?

Welcome to sniper-world. By attaching a scope to your rifle and depending on its range and how you’ve zeroed it – with a scope, you’ll be able to shoot a target up to 120-150 feet with your airsoft replica.


Airsoft rifles with scopes or airsoft rifles without scopes – which are better?

If you prefer short to medium-range encounters in your airsoft encounters, then you probably like mid-range rifles such as an M14, CM16, SR16, etc. In that case, you’ve probably found yourself in many scenarios where you’ve wondered if a scope would make a difference.

From my experience, it makes a huge difference. It changes your playstyle completely. And it will take you some time to get used to it. But once you master it – you’ll never want to go back.

You can’t come close to taking that super-precise shot when needed without a scope. Even a x1 or a x2 magnification changes the game entirely.


Airsoft pistols with scopes are something you only see in movies.

In Airsoft, you won’t ever see a scope on a pistol. The main reasons are shooting range and mounting. Namely, unlike an accurate pistol, an airsoft replica pistol doesn’t have the same range. Not even close. So, a scope doesn’t accomplish what it’s supposed to do on an airsoft replica.

The other problem is where to put it. There must be more space to place a rail on which you’ll mount the scope.

That doesn’t mean that there aren’t any airsoft pistols with scopes because there are. If you modify the pistol to fit a rail or the scope to fit a shorter rail, you might get it to fit. But again, there’s the range issue – and currently (depending on the country you live in), there isn’t a legal way of increasing the range on an airsoft pistol.


There are many scope parts that are involved. A scope consists of a cylindrical tube and lenses that sit in doublet or triplet (which means multiple lenses stacked next to each other to compensate for optical distortions. The scope also has a reticle and drums that allows the user to move the reticle.

In the front, we have the objective that collects light. The objective got its name because it it’s the lens that is closest positioned to the target (object) you are observing with the scope.

To get an even clearer and sharper picture, manufacturers use special gas (usually nitrous oxide) and multiple coatings on the glass.

Each of these coatings has its purpose. Starting from maximizing the light transfer from 90% to 98% and blocking reflections and lasers.

From the objective, the light travels to the first focal plane. This is where the reticle is located (the bullseye). This also means that the reticle will grow proportional to the target as you zoom in.

After light passes through the first focal plane, it enters the erector lenses. Those lenses are responsible for flipping the picture. They are also responsible for the magnification. As the user adjusts the magnification, both erector lenses move simultaneously in perfect synchronization, and as a result – the picture gets bigger or smaller.

This is why you’ll often see the middle part of the scope longer on scopes with higher maximum magnification.

After that, the light goes to the 2nd focal plane. If the reticle is located there instead of on the first focal plane, then the reticle will stay the same size proportional to the target as you increase the magnification.

By rotating the focus parallax drum, the reticle will move toward the focal plane, thus preventing parallax.

A small LED or another light source illuminates the reticle in many scopes. It is meant for shooting in low-light conditions.

After that, the light travels to the eyepiece lenses, where the diopter is located. Finally, the diopter is responsible for adjusting the cope to the shooter’s eye so he can get a crisp and clear reticle.

From the eyepiece lenses, the light finally reaches the shooter’s eye.



If you are new to Airsoft and looking to buy a scope, you only want to spend a little once you get a good feel. Therefore, I recommend the Matrix 3-9×40 sniper rifle scope or the Axeon Optics Prism x3. The choice depends on the rifle you currently use and is ideal if you are looking for a budget option.

If money is no object for you, go through the top 7 list above, find one you like, and get that one. They are all amazing options.


The role of a rifle scope is to make the target bigger and clearer so that the shooter has an easier time making a long-distance shot. Here are the things you should be considering when buying an airsoft scope.

Airsoft scope magnification

If you take the Matrix scope at the top of my list, you’ll see the magnification numbers 3-9×40. Now, what do they mean exactly?

The three means that the scope will magnify what you see three times at the lowest magnification setting. And nine means it will magnify what you see nine times on its maximum setting.

In this case, the last number, 40, refers to the scope’s objective lens (the glass lens furthest from your eye). The number is what the diameter of the lens is – the distance from one end to the other, and it is measured in millimeters.

So, in this case, the objective lens diameter is 40mm. This will give you an idea of the objective bell’s size. And a larger objective bell means – more light!

How much rifle scope zoom you need?

For unmolded airsoft rifles, a maximum reliable distance is anywhere from 120-150 feet, depending on the rifle and the hop-up. So, it makes no sense to buy a scope that can magnify up to x20. The target would be too far for the pellet ever to reach it.

Anything bigger than x4 magnification is not worth it.

If you’re a sniper, it might be cool to magnify more, but I wouldn’t stretch it to more than x6 or x7.

Scope magnification distance chart explained

An airsoft replica has a maximum distance of up to 150 feet. You have to consider the size of your target, the distance, and its speed. All those factors will decide how far you should zoom in, zoom out or not rely on the scope.

You should zoom in the smaller or farther your target is, but no more than x4 for airsoft purposes. That is more than enough because of the rifle range limitation of up to 150 feet.

The slower your target is, the more you should zoom in.

If your target is large, close, or fast, you should always zoom out more or don’t rely on your scope.

What is the best magnification for an airsoft rifle?

The best magnification for an airsoft rifle is usually the minimum that the scope can produce, usually x3. Of course, if you are targeting someone far, going for more might be better, but for most situations in Airsoft, x3 is perfectly fine. I could have placed a 2x airsoft scope on this list, but I have yet to find what I like enough to consider. Not currently, anyway.

What is the best scope size for your rifle?

The higher the last number on the scope, for instance, 3-9×40, the lighter it will travel toward your eye. This means a clearer picture. The maximum magnification that I would go for in Airsoft is x4. However, I sometimes opt for higher if I’m playing as a sniper.

Regarding the objective lens size, in this case, 40mm, the bigger it is, the better picture you’ll get through the scope. But that comes with drawbacks. The higher the last number is (40), the larger the lens is, meaning it is heavier and more expensive.

Mounting a heavy scope to your airsoft replica can often cause accidents where you drop the rifle or it topples on its side because of the disproportionate front-end weight. And I’ve seen some scopes break or get damaged because of that.

Don’t go for very heavy scopes. The 8 I’ve listed are a good weight for any airsoft rifle.

Having something that you paid extra because of that heavy lens break because of the disbalance and heavy handling issues could leave a bitter taste in your mouth and negatively affect your airsoft experience.



Once you buy a scope, you want it to last. You want it to stay intact after one or two milsims. Most scopes are made from aluminum, and these are the ones you should buy. Avoid plastic scopes like the plague. They will only hurt your wallet and your enjoyment.


All scopes do the same things at their core. For example, they magnify the item you are trying to look at while aiming. Some do those things differently, some of it better, some worse. But beyond those basics, scopes come with various features that can improve their functionality.

Standard but handy features to look in scopes are reticle illumination, added micro red dot, sunshade, dustcovers, and objective lens protection.


Magnification is the best-selling point of a scope. And you might automatically think that the higher the magnification – the better the scope. But in battle and Airsoft, more significant is often not better. Not always, anyway.

Consider the airsoft event you’ll participate in. Is it an indoor or an outdoor arena? Is it an open field or a woodland area? An area with hills or rocky formations? And the play-area size is the most significant factor that you should be thinking about.

If you are in a fast-paced, low respawn rate event, then having adjustable magnification can be a con. But higher magnifications can be superior on an open field where you can hide and wait out your chances.

Some scopes, such as the Axiom Prism x3, have fixed magnification. And that is better in short or mid-range combat. However, if you’d find yourself adjusting magnification during a dangerous situation, you would lose valuable seconds of your focus that should be directed toward what’s happening on the field.

While adjustable magnification can give you more versatility and options, it may be better.


Lens protectors

Lens protectors are such an underrated accessory to have. Once your objective lens is damaged, your scope will be practically useless. Using lens protectors in the front and back of the scope is a great way to prevent damage. If the scope you bought didn’t come with lens protectors, consider investing in them ASAP.

Scope covers and protectors

Scope covers, like lens protectors, hold off dust and dirt and prevent damage to the exterior lenses while the scope is not in use. This is why you’ll often see the scope covers on the scope until the shooter is ready to start aiming. So again, if your scope didn’t come with scope covers, I strongly urge you to invest in them if they are available.

Picatinny mounts

Picatinny mounts are universal rails on which you mount accessories to the rifle, such as scopes. In addition, some scopes come with Picatinny mounts to further customize your rifle’s scope and extension.

Scope riser mounts

Scope riser mounts are sometimes used to fit a scope to a rifle it wasn’t intended for. Because of the shape of a rifle, the scope might only fit if it is raised a bit. This will affect your zeroing, so take that in mind as well when getting these upgrades.

Side mounts

Side mounts are a great way to add a microdot or a laser onto your rifle or scope.


Sunshades are positioned at the front of the scope where the objective lens is (the furthest lens on the scope from your eye). They are a fantastic way to prevent sun glare that might blind you for a moment and, in turn, lose your target. You can also buy attachable sunshades for many scopes, so if the scope you purchased doesn’t have a sunshade from the factory, I suggest getting one.

Rail adapters

Some airsoft rifles do not have rails, and this prevents you, as the user, from further customizing them. However, by getting a suitable rail adapter, you are giving yourself the option to mount a scope or another useful accessor and thus enriching your airsoft experience.


Once you have the scope mounted to your rifle, you will need to adjust it and zero in the scope so that when you take a shot, the pellet goes precisely where you are aiming.

This should be done before a game.

If you are experienced, you can do this in a few minutes, while it might take much longer for someone closer to a beginner-level air softer.

You need to mount the scope onto your rifle with mounts that either came with the scope (usually come in a pair) or, depending on the scope type. Next, you need to attach it to a rail – such as the Picatinny rail that most rifles have.

Once you’ve fixed the scope into the position, you will need to zero the scope so that as you look through the scope and fire, the pellet will fly toward the center of the reticle that you are looking at.

You can read this article I wrote to learn How to zero your airsoft rifle in 3 simple steps.

Once it is zeroed and fixed on your rifle, you are ready to play Airsoft!


Windage adjustments

You may alter the horizontal path of the bullet (left/right) by adjusting your windage turret drum. However, wind can significantly influence the bullet trajectory depending on the distance, and windage needs to be adjusted in windy conditions to retain accuracy.

Elevation adjustments

The elevation specifies how far up and down the reticle may be adjusted. For example, if the elevation in the rifle scope specs is 10 feet, you can change the reticle to a maximum of 5 feet up and 5 feet down for the pellet to hit the target at 300 feet.

Remember that airsoft rifles can have a legal maximum of up to 150 feet. So keep that in mind when doing your calculations.

Parallax adjustments

So, what exactly is scope parallax? The discrepancy in your vision while looking down the rifle sight is known as parallax. When you alter your eye location, the cross-hair moves across the target. As a result, the reticule will not accurately reflect your rifle’s direction.

Adjust the parallax adjustment to the max. Then, aim your rifle at a known-distance target, take a sight picture through the optic, and tweak the knob or ring back until the reticle is crisper. Make it as crisp as possible here. Then, while still gazing through the scope, take your cheek off the stock and wander your gaze about.

Continue slowly adjusting until you can move your eye around a bit while looking through the scope, and the reticle’s cross-hairs don’t wander off the target but rather stay sharp and centered just where they should.

Now that your parallax is configured, you should be ready to go. Secure the adjustment. You should never have to touch it again unless it is compromised.

Focus adjustments

Depending on the magnification and the distance of the target you’re trying to look at, the picture you’re getting might be blurry.

Using the focus ring on the scope, you can rotate it until you get a clear and sharp picture. If you over-focus, it will get blurry again, so rotate back until it is crisp again – and top there.

If you change magnification and constantly target different ranges, you might have to sharpen the focus more often. But luckily, in Airsoft, the rifle ranges could be better so that losing focus will happen more rarely.


What is a rifle scope reticle?

The scope reticle is the cross-hairs placed on the first or second focal point inside the scope. It is used to get a clear picture of where your airsoft pellet will go once you press the trigger.

How to read rifle scope reticles?

If you have the standard bullseye reticle, you are probably looking at the middle, and once you see something move, you press the trigger and score some points.

But if there is wind or you are targeting greater distances, you might need to adjust windage (left-right) and elevation (up-down) because the pellet, in these conditions, will not fly towards the middle of the cross-hairs. So you need to adjust accordingly to the situation you’re currently in.

Simple reticles have just the cross-hairs with thicker lines at the ends so that you can focus on the center more quickly. You also might come across more advanced reticles, such as the Mil-Dot reticle, requiring some calculations to be used effectively.


The light from the end of the scope is concentrated in a focal point that creates a distance called ‘eye relief.’

The eye relief is designed according to the weapon it is supposed to be mounted on. On low to mid-range weapons with low recoils, such as the AR15, where the shooter is supposed to get close to the scope – the eye relief is shorter.

In high recoil weapons, the eye relief is much longer because the shooter needs to position his eye far enough from the end of the scope so that the recoil doesn’t damage the shooter’s eye.

While airsoft replicas have very little to no recoil, mods exist that simulate recoil. Since airsoft rifles are called replicas because they are trying to replicate the real deal, some people opt for recoil simulation to make their airsoft experience further as it would be on a real battlefield.

This is why eye relief is still significant on an airsoft rifle.

The other reason is that some people also use real firearms. And if you would get used to having almost no recoil and disregard eye relief, you could end up in a situation where you get into an accident before you forget to account for recoil once you switch to a real gun or rifle.


Using the included Allen key, unscrew the two holes on the scope mounting ring. Unscrew both scopes mounting rings that come with most scopes.

Unscrew the knobs on the side of the scope rings so they can slide over your gun’s top rail. Screw one ring securely about a half inch from the end of the rail. Then, repeat the process at the front of the rail using the other ring.

Place the scope on the ring cradles, ensuring it is oriented correctly.

Screw the top ring loops into place around the scope. Overtightening can scrape the top of the scope.


Can you use an actual scope on an airsoft gun?

Yes, you can, but you shouldn’t. The reason is the different type of recoil a real firearm produces vs. the one an airsoft rifle produces—a real firearm with pushback towards the shooter because of Newton’s 3rd law. So now, an airsoft rifle makes more of a shock vibration.

And if the scope is not built to deal with these stresses, they might break. And losing a much more expensive piece of equipment because of this would make any person sad.

Airsoft scopes are made to deal with stresses that airsoft rifles produce and are thus safe in those situations.

Are there airsoft scopes for rifles and pistols?

Yes, you can find airsoft scopes for both pistols and rifles. However, as I’ve said earlier, you should never buy a scope for a pistol. You might look ridiculous or very cool, depending on the Frankenstein monster you create and the sense of humor of the other participants at the airsoft event.

Airsoft pistols do not have the range necessary to use a scope, so the time and investment would’ve been wasted.


And there we are, at the end of the road! In this lengthy guide, I’ve given you my top 8 picks for airsoft scopes that I would use and recommend. I’ve covered every scope in detail. We have said the best scopes for airsoft snipers and the best scopes for airsoft m4.

We’ve covered the best 3-9 ar scopes and 3-9 scopes you can buy. And I’ve talked to great lengths about what you, as the buyer, should be looking out for when buying your first, second or 100th airsoft scope.

We’ve covered what magnification means, how the scope works, and how you can mount it. I’ve also given you my opinion on which scope You, the reader, should choose and why.

I hope you’ve read this guide, which helped you decide which airsoft scope you will buy.

And most importantly, I hope I’ve taught you how to use the scope effectively and in which situations you should use the scope.