Be sure to check back for updated airsoft tactical gear reviews on many of the newest tactical gear products to hit the shelves, along with some older items for good measure. We aim to find the best equipment out there for specific needs and provide an honest opinion about its ups and downs. Each review will be broken down into general impressions, packaging, build quality, testing and final thoughts. IDF Improved 2 Point Rifle Sling

So, like I tell my wife, this will be a quickie.

I had bought a TAR-21 recently and figured hell if I’m going to be using an Israeli replica, why not get a proper sling for it as well. A quick search led me to, which has several slings and other IDF items.

@ 24 bucks I figured what the hell and ordered their improved 2 point sling. I took about a week to get to my house and came in a simple bubble wrap envelope folded over itself with a rubber band to keep everything in place during shipping. Also included was a nice little magnet. My fridge is now that much more badass.

The sling itself exceeded my expectations. Despite being Israeli, the sling is uncircumcised. It has sleeves that go over the reinforced metal clips that mount to each point on the gun. This prevents anything reflective from being shown and cuts down on the noise I get from, let’s say, moving with my SAW sling. Metal on Metal noise and metal on the plastic nose is greatly reduced due to this.

The band itself is a nice wide 3 or so inches and provides plenty of comfort and support when worn. I was able to keep my weapon right where my hand can grab it, and it allows for easy shouldering without the interference of any kind. The adjustment buckle on it is of the same high-quality metal as the clips. The clips take some force to open up as well due to the thickness. I don’t expect ever to have these inadvertently pressed in on my gear or other environmental objects. There is also a small pouch that seals with velcro to hold earplugs or other VERY Small items. I hear CAPAirman keeps a condom in his, ya know to protect the ladies from his HIV.

Zahal offers other slings of a similar build with IDF Special Forces insignia’s on them as well if any of you are into that sort of thing. They also have a single point bungee sling in multiple colours.

Colour choices for this one are limited to olive drab and black. Tan would have been nice, but with the comfort and security this sling offers, that’s simply nitpicking.