Sniper is perhaps the most sought-after position in airsoft culture. Many airsoft players attempt to become one, but they fail because they lack the necessary airsoft sniper qualities.

Sniping requires persistence and courage; many people want to be snipers right away when they begin playing airsoft. You’ll need a lot of practice, preparation, skills, and a certain mental disposition to be a decent airsoft sniper. So, let’s explore what it takes to be an effective airsoft sniper.

Before we begin, let’s take a look at some of the things we need.

Things we need

airsoft sniper in a ghillie suit (1)

A good camouflage

A strong camouflage system is just as necessary as the sniper rifle’s other basic components. A strong disguise conceals you and helps you to fit in with your surroundings. When the game occurs near woodland, green camouflage is usually the best option.

For the time being, a camo will assist you in remaining undetected. We have some camo options like Ghillie suits and Everglade camouflage. If you are gaming in a woody landscape, you can go for a mossy oak or a Realtree camouflage. Your playfield determines your camo option.

They are available for purchase online, or you can hand make them. Just ensure the material you choose complements the environment of the game venue.

Good ammunition

The last job is completed by the projectiles, which strike your intended target.

BBs have been known to get trapped in magazines on occasion. This is usually caused by the way they are fed into the ‘rifle.’ Occasionally, the BB could get faulty, leading to a jam.

So, rather than utilising low-quality sniper BBs, invest in some high-quality ammunition. Stuff can run a bit quicker as a result of this. Low-quality BBs may fracture upon impact, causing small bits of plastic to pass through mesh airsoft face masks and hit the player, as well as get jammed in the sniper rifle.

Note that heavier BBs are better resistant against the wind, but they might not travel the necessary distance when they are too heavy. Heavier BBs could also cause minor injuries on your target when hit; Hence we normally recommend sizes between 0.30g to 0.40g for optimum accuracy and best performance.

A good rifle

You don’t need to pick up a costly sniper rifle and gun if you want to play as a sniper in an airsoft game. However, if you’re going to get a nice experience with it, you shouldn’t just buy inexpensive ones. Purchase a decent, well-made rifle that you can later customise to serve as one of your body pieces. The same may be said for the supplementary weapon.

Please don’t buy one that would crack in the early stages of the game because it is too inexpensive. Alternatively, don’t purchase anything so costly that you’ll begin to regret losing money. Choose a sniper weapon with a fair price tag.

A nice scope

The scope is entirely required for a sniper to incapacitate an enemy from a long distance. A sniper gun without a lens will be unthinkable to certain people. So, if you want to get very successful at airsoft sniping, you’ll need a good scope on top of your sniper weapon. And a decent amount of awareness and practice with it.

There are some really expensive scopes available and some good scopes available at a modest cost. You wouldn’t have to purchase the most expensive items for that, of course. Invest in a scope with a medium focal length.

Study your sniper rifle

Once you’ve purchased the weapon, you’ll need to familiarise yourself with it. It’s up to you to look after the weapon. If you don’t yet have a weapon, our top choice for both, new players and those with some experience under their belts, would be the Tokyo Marui VSR-10 G-Spec. Tokyo Marui is one of the oldest airsoft rifle and gear manufacturers out there, and they have a lot of experience when it comes to building quality rifles, pistols, gear, and attachments. 

If you are not sure whether this rifle is for you, I suggest you take a look at our Top5 airsoft sniper rifle reviews and see what you like more. The buying guide in the article can also help you make an educated choice when it comes to buying a sniper rifle for yourself, so check it out.

You can’t just throw your rifle up anywhere in your space after you’ve finished a game. You’ll need to dust the rifle piece by piece. Clean up your barrel regularly to keep your shots precise and accurate. It’s a good practice to always lubricate your airsoft rifle after cleaning. You may also use silicone oil to lubricate your weapons. You’ll need to take good care of your magazines as well.

Adjust your rifle to your taste

You’ll need to upgrade your airsoft rifle to bring the best out of it;  Your weapons efficiency should greatly improve if you know how and what to upgrade and customize. The first task you can do is acquire a standardized inner barrel for your sniper rifle if you choose to change it. Extreme Tight Bore barrels or Tight Bore can help you fire more accurately with your Sniper Rifle. You may, though, have to wipe the debris within the barrel daily until you adjust it with the inner barrel.

And, of course, do your homework on which inner barrel is best for your gun.

Understand your duty as an Airsoft sniper

Snipers usually have the lowest kill numbers in the tournament. So, indeed, it’s aggravating when opponents refuse to take blows. Don’t be fooled by all those manufactured glory scenes in the film and video games.

To be a decent or even professional sniper, you’ll need more than just your rifle, camouflage, sight, and BB bullets. You must devote time and effort to prepare and exercise, and you must preserve your calm by practising hard. So, indeed, being a sniper is difficult. On the other hand, Airsoft sniping is for you if you have the determination and zeal for it.

Practice the art of Stealth

Stealth is a skill that you can learn. It would help if you strived to live in peace with nature by cultivating your patience. To go unseen, you’ll have to fit in with nature or the environment. Much of this is no fluke: lying quietly with minimum and gentle movement, spotting the opponent, aiming, and then striking. To learn these powers, you must put in a lot of preparation time. Then and only then will you be able to learn the technique of Stealth.

So, practice lying, hiding, and going slowly with limited actions while focusing on your goal until the actual game. You would perform well in the actual event if you can learn this package of abilities.

Some Tips to follow

sniper aiming through a gap in a fence

Master the art of patience

A sniper must retain calm and patience at all stages. Occasionally, you may notice several rivals at the same time. In that case, if you lose your cool and attempt to gun them down with a bolt action ‘weapon’, you would almost certainly be heard right away.

On the other side, a strong airsoft sniper would aim to ‘gun down’ his opponents with a few gestures as possible. And he’ll fire the shots at a moment that won’t reveal his position. A sniper will often refuse to take a shot without backup if the chances are too great. He’d rather not fire a single opponent than being seen by them right away.

Leave an escape route behind

The game could shift at any moment. It’s possible that your location could be exposed at any moment. The first thing you can do after your location has been exposed to your opponent is to flee the field. Otherwise, sooner or later, they could strike you.

As a consequence, it is preferable to recognize and plan an escape path as a substitute. When your place is exposed, don’t presume for a second that you’ll be willing to take on several opponents. However, if they discover you, it’s futile. Attempt to flee when firing back with your supplementary arm.

Last but not least, do not use the assault weapon before fleeing. To retaliate against opponents, use your backup arm.

Remain calm in all situations

To be a good airsoft sniper, one of the most critical lessons you’ll need to understand is how to be at ease in any circumstance. You must adjust your behaviour to your environment. You can make involuntary motions if you are unable to retain your composure in a foreign setting. And you’re likely to be heard if you make needless gestures.

As a consequence, the secret to success is to become accustomed to your present circumstance.

Bottom Line

  • The art of camouflage is an essential skill to master if you want to be a successful airsoft sniper.
  • If your opponents see you, strive to run back into a secure zone to stay out of their site.
  • You have to practice with your airsoft friends and colleagues to gain mastery of this craft.
  • You’ll be able to achieve this by observing the ground, going steadily and low, and holding a constant eye on your opponent.
  • View the shrubs and trees not only as artefacts but as places to conceal and stay unnoticed.
  • Analyse how the wind blows by observing the swaying of the grasses in the area. If they’re swaying north, track them. Your opponents would be unable to track your actions as a result of this. In this respect, you must know that your lack of expression, not your disguise, is the most critical aspect in rendering you transparent to your opponent. 
  • Consequently, don’t purchase costly camouflage gear; instead, buy just what you can manage.
  • It would be perfect if you could only find a dark jumper or something that would fit in with the surroundings.